Nathan Pritikin

“An optimal diet should permit man to be free of the ravages of cardiovascular degenerative diseases, including angina and hypertension, and diabetes and arthritis, as one of its major attributes.”

These weren’t the words of a medically trained physician or dietitian but from a successful businessman and talented inventor whose ambition did not limit to the dozens of patents collected over his life— from the fields of engineering, photography, aeronautics, and more.

Before the memorable work of American physicians, Dean Ornish and Cadwell Esselstyn in cardiac rehabilitation, a man named Nathan Pritikin was defying all odds and sailing through the…

In a recent study financed by the NIH, health people were put into a randomized controlled trial to test out two competing models of obesity: the carbohydrate-insulin model supported by the keto diet and the passive overconsumption model concept of the plant-based diet.

This was the most controlled study ever done putting these two theories to test. Which one lived up to their claims? Let real science tell us the answer.

The Carbohydrate-Insulin Model

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Broccoli 🥦 is more than a tasteless green vegetable that you had a hard time ingesting as a kid. Behind those green florets hides powerful phytochemicals that can unlock our ability to prevent and fight some of our top killers — chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases. Here I will present some of the scientific evidence that will make you want to green up your dishes and give broccoli VIP access to plate.

One Powerful Green Family

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Anecdotal evidence points out that the number of people drinking 🥂 at home has been increasing globally 📈 since the quarantine became a standard measure to combat the infection slope of the COVID-19.

Regardless of the reasons behind this behavior — if it’s to cope with all the stress, to ‘compensate’ the social distancing, or something else — , it’s pertinent to analyze our habits and ask ourselves which are still worth upholding, especially during extremely delicate times like these.

The notion that heavy or binge drinking isn’t good for health is very well perpetuated; however, so is the notion…

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One thing that most public health authorities, virologists, and related experts in the field will agree is that the current COVID-19 pandemic was something predicted decades ago. Nature has taught us a harsh lesson over the years with the most recent epidemics — SARS, the Swine flu (H1N1), MERS, Ebola, and now with this new strain from the coronavirus family.

The surge in zoonotic diseases over the past decades is not a coincidence. …

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During this time of crisis, it’s important that we respect the guidelines provided by professional organizations (WHO, CDC, PCRM, etc.) by respecting quarantine rules and standard hygiene procedures to fight the Covid-19. For that, we need to remain calm, think collectively, and focus on what must be done.

Fighting an invisible enemy is complicated and stressful because it’s not 100% within our control and we cannot avoid a certain degree of exposure (such as taking a trip to the grocery store or walking your dog).

However, there’s one thing that is within our control and can directly affect our ability…

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Vitamin B12 or cobalamin supplements are rising in popularity for a good reason. With the most recent research and the growth of the supplement market, today you can easily found over-the-counter B12-only supplements online, drug stores, and even in the drug aisle of department stores (depending on your country, of course).

However, the ultimate question is: which B12 supplement is best for you?

The question of which form of B12 supplement is superior is very debatable, even among doctors and physicians. …

Meme by @incogneato_vegan

2020 has just begun and it’s about time that we let go of old myths concerning plant proteins. The meme above is hilarious, but the only realistic ways of dying from protein deficiency are via starvation or by eating only gelatin. Our nutritionally-uneducated society combined with our ‘protein-mania’ frenzy only serves as the fuel 🔥 that keeps these prejudicial myths alive.

The plant-based diet 🌱 is skyrocketing 🚀 in popularity not just because of the rise in veganism, but due to the plethora of scientific-based health benefits it involves and the equally great amount of people reporting having their health…

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Chocolate is everywhere. It’s in desserts, holidays, romantic relationships, cold winter days, underneath hotels’ pillows, etc. It represents a cash cow 🐄💰 (literally) for the dairy industry because it turns out that chocolate combined with milk, unhealthy fats, and refined sugar is pretty darn tasty and addictive.

In our fast-paced, time- and money-oriented society, it’s very easy to create the habit of not paying much attention to details, especially food. As a result, we tend to fall easily into marketing traps and end up buying and consuming products without truly knowing what’s in them.

Even arduous nutritional label reader vegans…

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Producer of plant-based ingredients, Parabel, announced in early Dec. 2019 the discovery of bioactive forms of B12 in their duckweed crops and their patented ingredient — Lentein. Tests were conducted and confirmed by the independent 3rd party Eurofins, one of the top high-end testing labs for major food companies worldwide.

This ‘accidental’ discovery goes against the popular belief that plants are not a source of B12 and represents a game-changing turn for the plant-based industry and vegans.

What Is Duckweed?

Mario V. Hashiba

I’m a fitness-lover vegan who writes about plant-based nutrition 🌱💪 and combats misinformation with science 📑.

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